About Us

JillJill has been a goat fan for her entire adult life, after meeting them for the first time while shadowing a traveling vet. They were funny, smart, opinionated, and affectionate, but there were fifteen years of apartment living to go before goats of her own were a possibility. She finally started with two goats in March 2011. She runs the farm and manages all of the health care, grooming, and construction around here.


JacobJacob is a city boy who was duly warned that life with Jill was likely to include farm animals. He counts himself lucky that we bought the house AFTER her alpaca phase. He built the website, slogs warm water out to the barn twice a day in the winter, and is affectionately known as Food Guy by both animals and people.



There are a couple of children, some chickens, two rescue cats and a Great Pyrenees guard dog running around Small Woods Farm as well. It’s a busy place!